Hammers trying to save the fellow hammer




We got these new sketch books in at work that have toned paper. It’s been a long time since I just sketched for the sake of sketching.

coppertop asked:
Okay, I'm trying to remember if I've asked you this before or not. Do you have any theories for big events toward the end of the series? Such as Garp dying to protect Luffy, etc.

i dont want anyone to die, obviously, but i feel like… if someone from the strawhats’ family would i kinda like….see that happening to zeff… but no nah bye, i aint gonna have that i freaking love zeff so lets leave zeff alone

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Anonymous asked:
Furanky, I need help. As I rewatch and reread one piece, Frobin is becoming my life. What do you suggest?! (no i don't want to stop, i just need/want more)

keep going that path, follow the light