Jen, I was unable to do stuff back when your birthday was a thing. Here’s some dumbass swordsman as a late Happy Birthday!


A Week Without Regrets

 Day 2 → Lyrics / Quotes

"We have a weight to carry, 

and a distance we must go.

We have a weight to carry, 

and a destination we can’t know.

We have a weight to carry,

and can put it down nowhere.

We ARE the weight we carry,

from there to here to there.”

— Dean Koontz, Fear Nothing

watching jojo make me think everything is a reference to it.. lol like now i think thriller bark arc is based on jojo idk mann

thriller bark? ahahah wow

but there are a lot of jojo references in anime and manga in general

Sweeeeeet, I knew I'd get all of those right. There are too many characters in Jojo, but I had to check that you were still the same Paty I know when it comes to loving Gyro and Josuke

oh man absolutely. and jojo is that kinda series that like. literally 99% of the characters are my type of character. those were just the ones that ended up being above the others, but tough characters acting dorky with each other, being friends and just cute in general? sign me up for that

juli4n0liver replied to your post: “juli4n0liver replied to your post: “I bet you like tonio and…”:
he just wants to make people happy and healthy with his food, bet sanji would like to meet him

you know what i really love that “(…) just wants to make people happy” applies to so many jojo characters aaaAAAAAAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

WELL THEN. If I had to guess some of your favorite characters, I'd guess... Gyro Zeppeli and Josuke before anyone else. If you tell me you don't love them I'll be shocked. I'm also curious about how you like Hot Pants, since she reminds me of Robin a bit.

you know me too well. gyro and polnareff are my absolute favorites with josuke way up there too i LOVE THEM SO MUCH

i just wanna adopt polnareff and josuke and form a band with gyro zeppeli, those are like my main goals in life at this point

well possible spoilers for jojo part 7 so like click at your own risk

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juli4n0liver replied to your post: “I bet you like tonio and bruno”:
tonio makes me so happy

tonio makes me hungry as balls you have no idea how many times during his chapter i was like “f…fuck…that looks so good…fuck where could i…eat something like that…what the hell…”

I've started watching the Re-Edited Battle Tendency (I'm on the second half) and goddamn, Joseph Joestar is so much cooler than Johnathon :D I'm a lot more into JJBA now than I was during Phantom Blood!

of course, thats just the natural way of things. and youll get more into it on the 3rd part. and so on. you cant go back now man its the point of no return

also the way you said “johnathon” i just read it with dios abridged voice in my head ajskdhjagsd

I bet you like tonio and bruno

i do like tonio and bruno. not that that says a lot cause i literally love everyone in this series what the hell i love everyone except j. geil he can suck my imaginary dick

I HAD NO IDEA. Did you really finish the whole manga though? Even through part 8, Jojolion? Or did you mean you finished Part 3, Stardust Crusaders?

yES EVERYTHING i did not mean for this to happen aaaaaaahh